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Every month More Voices invites readers to contribute short nonfiction prose pieces of 40 to 400 words on a healthcare theme.



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coffee in late fall oct11 


# Laurin Bellg 2019-10-24 23:30
I needed this now. My dear friend who is BRCA2 haunted (after conquering breast cancer 3 years ago), now at age 50 has ovarian cancer and is always looking over her shoulder at the pancreas, which has also been flash-bulbed into the cursed genome. So, we have coffee...often (she doesn't dare consider wine anymore) to distract and focus on what is most important: live life fully, love unconditionally , forgive fiercely. I read my friend your lovely haiku and now her motto is--for as long as she has breath--"Let's haiku this moment!"
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# Michael Leach 2019-11-08 18:39
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# Pris Campbell 2019-10-12 13:00
You hit the target with this one. Smiling and cancer are indeed possible.
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