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Every month More Voices invites readers to contribute short nonfiction prose pieces of 40 to 400 words on a healthcare theme.



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Pet Therapy


Renusha Indralingam

About the artist:

Renusha Indralingam is a graduate of Yale University, where she studied molecular biology and film. She loves to explore the intersection of storytelling, visuals and medicine, with a focus on the importance of narrative in a medical setting. She has worked and volunteered in hospices and hospitals in Florida, Connecticut and Alaska.

About the artwork:

"While working on the long term care unit of an Alaskan community hospital, we tried many different forms of therapy with our residents: art therapy, aromatherapy, acoustic therapy. Nothing would bring a smile to our residents' faces like pet therapy. Local dog owners would bring in their pets and let them soak up all the petting, treats and love the residents could give. Many people find pitbulls intimidating or frightening, but not one of our residents was scared; they just thought of her as a 'big baby.' "

Visuals editor:

Sara Kohrt